15tt Dec - 31st Dec 2021


Christmas Carols around the tree

For over 50 years, Eglinton has celebrated Christmas with a tree in the village and the annual carol service on Christmas Eve along with the a visit from Santa has become a very important part of village life. There are few events in the village that bring the community together in this way and it is a festive tradition for many families.  Unfortunately, this year it is not going to be possible to safely organise this event. We hope that the Christmas Advent Trail will go some of the way to help create some magical 2020 Christmas memories for everyone. Let’s also look forward to 2021 when the carols will be back louder than ever.

Events such as this often take place without people realising the work that goes on behind the scenes, often by a very small group of people. Gerard O'Donnell has been the driving force behind Eglinton Christmas and as a village it is important to recognise all of his hard work and to say a special thanks. 

How to get involved?

To get involved please complete this simple online form to register your interest. We will be in touch with your areas assigned date.


I live outside the village. Can I still be involved?

Unfortunately only households within the village can have their displays in the trail. However, providing you follow social distancing guidelines you are welcome to come and view the displays.

Do the displays have to be in gardens?

No, they can be in windows, gardens, driveways or whereever you have space.

Do the displays have to light up?

No, your display does not have to light up. In fact it would be nice if there was a good mix of displays that were best viewed in daylight and displays best viewed at night (...and displays that are equally as good to view day and night).

Are there prizes?

No, unlike the recent Scarecrow Festival this is not a competition. Just a bit of festive fun.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to households wishing to produce displays. However, we are asking for a small donation for the trail maps to help cover costs.

I usually put up a display earlier. Can I still be included in the trail?

Yes, it doesn't matter when you put up your display. However, it will not be revealed until your area's assigned date. Even if you miss your areas assigned reveal date you still can get involved at a later date. Individual houses will not be on the trial map.

Do I have to buy new decorations for my display?

No, we are strongly encouraging people to use decorations that they already have or to recycle other household items. We would like this trail to follow the idea of 'zero waste'.

Where can I get a trail map?

You can collect maps from many of the local shops. You can also download a digital version from this website.

More Information

The plan is to create a trail, adding a new area for every day of Advent. Once an area is in the trail, it stays there, so that by the 24th December there are 24 areas with houses with festive displays, much like an advent calendar with all the windows open.

The display can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, however we would like each area's houses to incorporate their assigned festive word into their display. This can be done as subtly or as obviously as you like. 

The number of the date in December that has been allocated to the area should feature  in each houses' display somehow, whether as part of the scene or separately

Displays should be clearly visible from the road. They could be in a window or in the garden.

Some displays may be better viewed by day, some by night. It need not matter which.

We are strongly encouraging people not to go out and buy new items for their displays. Please make use of items that you already have. We hope that this will be a 'zero waste' trail.

People may choose to see each new area on the day they appear, or wait later in the month and view several areas on one trip.

Display ideas

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