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Yard Sale Trail
Sat 29th - Sun 30th May 2021

10am - 1pm


Eglinton's socially distanced carboot sale.


Sell your junk (we mean your cherished items) from your own driveway.

Click here to download the Yard Sale Trail Map. The coloured dots represent the locations of the sellers' houses. Yellow = both days; Blue = Saturday only; Purple = Sunday only

Sellers will sell their unwanted items from their own driveways/ gardens.

Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines must be followed at all times.



Do sellers have to sell on both days?

No, you can choose when you sell on the registration form. Different coloured dots on the map will indicate which days sellers are selling on.

Does it cost anything to be a seller?

No, there is no cost. However, if you would like to make a donation to help fund Eglinton Trail's activities this will be very much appreciated. There will be donation boxes on selected sellers' stalls, or alternatively you can pop a clearly marked envelope through the Community Hall's letter box.

Can I have a stall if I don’t live in Eglinton?
If you know someone who lives in Eglinton, please ask them if you can use their “yard.”  It is fine by us if there are several “sales” going on at one address.  

Do you have a contingency plan if the weather is bad?
The contingency plan is warm clothes, water proofs, umbrellas and shelter for the stalls (if you have one).

Is it okay to donate my takings to a charity?
Totally!  We fully support this and encourage you to market your stall and your chosen charity via social media or by any other means.

Do I live too far out? 

The rough guide is that someone should be able to walk to your house in 15-20mins from the chains in the centre of the village.


Will my address be listed on the map?
No.  Addresses of yard sales will be highlighted by coloured dots. Your pin will be placed at the exact location of your house.

Should I market/advertise my own yard sale?
Yes please.  Use social media, word of mouth, email, text and tweet your friends. 
The more publicity the better! 

Where can I get a copy of the map?
The completed map will be available here on Friday 28th May which means you can print the map or use your phone on the day. 

What can I sell on my yard sale?
You can sell anything.  Your “junk” is someone else’s treasure!

Yard Sale Covid-19 Guidelines


  • Follow all current Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines.

  • If you, or a member of your family are experiencing any Covid symptoms, please cancel your yard sale by getting in touch.

  • Regularly wash and sanitise your hands throughout the day, and “be alert” to  face touching.

  • Remain socially distanced from your customers.


  • Disinfect any sale items that have been handled a lot. 

  • Limit the number of people on your drive/yard/garden.

  • Create a more spacious yard sale by using more tables/blankets than you normally would, or consider spreading your sale out over a larger area.

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